IOS Development

IOS Development

This is not just any operating system, this is the operating system built for iPhone users. Understanding this market, developing a relatable user-story and keeping abreast of every update is an integral part of our research to get the best product out of the iOS and into the market’s hands.

iOS app development can be purely native, where the code is written in a manner in which the hardware is able to directly interpret it. Or, an app can be developed as a hybrid, where it is written in a web-based language, which can then be converted to be displayed natively. Whether we build a native application, or hybrid, is no easy decision, and even though the “hybrid” option is considered a cost-saving approach, we focus on the long-term viability and strategy of your product before taking the leap.

App Design

Human-centered design means user-testing and feedback. Continuously. We design your app prototypes in Invision or Figma, and test the user-flow, so that real-users experience the “real” product before the code is committed.

Front end Development

This part of the process depends on your choice to go fully native or use a hybrid based app. For a fully native app, the frontend is created within Xcode as specific views, and then designed per device (for example iPad, iPhone 7, 8, X etc). For a hybrid-based app, the front-end is done in a web platform that is then displayed to the app using Turbolinks.

Backend Development

Taking the views set up, we create HTML and Javascript to display the data. For a native app we write the code to link to the storyboard in either Swift or Objective C; for a hybrid it would depend on the web framework, but for the majority of our projects we use the Ruby on Rails framework.